Disney Magic Hour Episode #35 - Disney Movie Hour featuring SONG OF THE SOUTH

On this week's DMH we go back to 1946 and take a look at the controversial SONG OF THE SOUTH.  Beyond our normal discussion towards whether or not the film works ect, we tackle the daunting task of speaking towards whether or not the film is racist.  Everyone will have their opinion on this, and here we present ours.  To help us along I invited a voice that anyone who listens to THE FILM BASEMENT will find immediately recognizable as Kevin crosses the company line to spend a night on the DISNEY MAGIC HOUR.  Let's be honest, the opinion on whether or not something can be seen as, or is, racist should not be exclusively discussed by three white people. I tagged this episode as EXPLICIT due to the subject matter and language used.  

On that note, we have decided to cease editing the show towards language.  The show really does not lend itself to swearing but if someone slips and says "insert word here", I am going to leave it alone.  Editing ourselves has always felt odd and since we do this for fun, we have decided to just be ourselves and not come off as some awkward version of us.  If you find it is not your cup of tea, we understand and have LOVED having you as a listener.  Give it a whirl though before making that decision.  I am making a bigger situation out of it because I need to make it known.  

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