Disney Magic Hour Episode #48 - Disney Artist Rob Kaz Interview

I use the word "interview" very lightly here because when I sat down with Rob Kaz at the Sanaa Lounge in the Animal Kingdom Lodge, we had a conversation.  From Star Wars to video games to how he started working with Disney and everything in between, it was just as if I sat with a new friend and we just started talking.  And to me, that's the good stuff.  To learn what the person behind the art really is and what the dig.  I truly had a great time talking with this immensely talented man and I am very excited to share this conversation we had with you.  Rob will be appearing in the Wyland Gallery at the Boardwalk Hotel in WDW on January 1st and I can't recommend enough going and meeting him in person while seeing his art up close.  You can also follow Rob on twitter @RobKazArt, on Instagram at RobKazArt, and visit his website

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