Disney Magic Hour Episode #50 - Disney Movie Hour Featuring Sleeping Beauty

On this week's installment of our Disney Movie Hour series we take a look at 1959's Sleeping Beauty.  Upon first release the film did not find a huge audience but since has been regarded as one of the best visual achievements the Walt Disney Studio ever created.  With it also came one of the best villains Disney put on screen in Maleficent.  Does the film hold up though or is it all image and no story?  As with every film in this series we will ask 3 questions. First,  is the moral or is it aimed to generate an emotional response.  Does it try for both?  Does it succeed?  Second, does the film still work?  Finally, what is the iconic shot of the film?  We are again joined by Ryan P. Wilson of the Main Street Gazette to guide us on a journey once upon a dream.  Lots to discuss, LET'S GO!  

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This week's track was Bloom! 

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