Disney Magic Hour Episode #53 - Disney Movie Hour Featuring Swiss Family Robinson

The Disney Movie Hour segment returns this week as we look back at the 1960 action adventure film, Swiss Family Robinson.  A huge success when it opened on December 21st, 1960, does this film hold up?  Factoring the animal torture, child actor who almost made us destroy a TV, and a set that endured a flood, there is a lot to go over.  After giving some background on the cast, crew, and production of the film we will go and discuss the film in whole.  At the conclusion we will ask three questions that all entries of the Disney Movie hour face.  First, is the film aimed at teaching a moral, or aimed more at getting an emotional response?  Does it accomplish both?  Neither?  Second we discuss what the iconic shot of the film is and finally, does the film hold up?  We also discuss the new Guardians of the Galaxy attraction coming to Disneyland.  Lots to discuss and we, as always, have enlisted the help of Ryan P Wilson of the Main Street Gazette!  It's showtime!

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This week's track was Go Out and Love Someone!