Disney Magic Hour Episode #60 - Not So Scary and Halloween Horror Nights

Hands down, no contest, my favorite time of year is Fall.  With Fall comes my favorite holiday and that is Halloween.  With that come two of the most highly anticipated events in the Orlando area.  The first is Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party at Disney's Magic Kingdom which me and Melyssa will dive into.  The seasonal party, held at night, features an exclusive fireworks, stage show, and parade while also giving the guests an opportunity to meet some of their favorite villains while trick or treating.  It's lighthearted while serving up a family serving of spooky that everyone can enjoy.  Over at Universal Studios, the scares come a bit harder though.  This was my first Halloween Horror Night experience following years and years of wanting to be there but not having the opportunity.  From haunted houses featuring properties like The Exorcist and The Walking Dead to original houses like Tomb of the Ancients, there is a ton to see and experience.  Luckily I have an expert leading me through the darkened hallways as Jimmy Stiles joins the show this week.  Are these events worth your hard earned dollar?  What about the add on options?  Lots to discuss! Let's go! It's showtime! 

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