Disney Magic Hour Episode #179 - Something Wicked This Way Comes


By the pricking of my thumb, Jonathan Pryce this way comes. I will be very upfront in saying a wacky mood was in me during this recording. Very hyper and rather silly but that is because the crazy 80’s continues as Ray Bradbury brings a tale of temptation in the form of a sinister carnival led by Mr. Dark. It seems Disney is trying to find a new identity here with varying success but they get in their own way with an abundance of revisions to what Bradbury and director Jack Clayton aimed for. The result is still a great experience but you can see interference at the films conclusion. Did that sink our experience? Does the film find a way to hold up? In a film that has quite a number of attractive camera work, what is the iconic shot? This week we are joined by Theme Park Stop’s Ian Kauffman to break it all down! Lots to do! Lets go!

PLEASE NOTE : There was an audio snafu on this episode that you will hear in the background. I apologize but it was impossible to remove so other than snuff the entire episode we decided to release what we have and I think it’s a great discussion so it would have killed me to not release it. ENJOY!!

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