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Disney Magic Hour Episode #170 - Spider-Man: Far From Home Review


With the official start of summer underway, we have finally all had the chance to see the end of Phase 3 for Marvel - we saw Spider-Man Far From Home - Adam and Jimmy are joining Pete and Melyssa and talking all about this movie - SPOILER WARNING from the start. We also touch on the casting of Ariel with Halle Bailey, the drop of Disney's live-action Mulan trailer, and Avengers: Endgame box office numbers!

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Disney Magic Hour Episode #45 - Disney's Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore was created to show the most influential of US Presidents.  They symbolize the start of era's, the winds of change and the best of what the USA is supposed to be.  What then would be on Disney's Mount Rushmore?  What films would be the pinnacle of the company and what characters in those films should represent?  With that question lingering, Peter, Melyssa, Bryan and Ryan sit down to give their personal lists then narrow it down to a final four.  The conversation does not end here too.  If you head over to our Disney Magic Hour Facebook group, a poll is being held to decide something that was debated heavily during the show.  Lots to discuss, let's get to it! 

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