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Disney Magic Hour Episode #44 - Davy Crockett Disney Movie Hour and News

Davy Crockett enters out sites this week as we take a detailed look into the film that launched a cultural phenomenon.  Or, the three part TV series that started a phenomenon and was then cut down to a 93 minute theatrical version.  As always we will discuss the films history while also summarizing it while giving our reactions along the way.  At the close we will ask three questions of the film.  Does it hold up?  What is the iconic shot?  Is it trying to deliver a moral, elicit an emotional response, both or does it fail to do either?  To make our way through the thickets and the mud is the omni-brain of the Main Street Gazette, Ryan P Wilson.  

In addition, at the top of the show we will discuss the opening dates of the updated Soarin' and the brand new Frozen Ever After in EPCOT along with a new Jungle Book show in Animal Kingdom, a new stage show in the Magic Kingdom and more.  Lot's to do, let's get to it!  

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This week's track was SKY HEART!