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Star Wars Rebels : Twin Suns - THAT Fight


Last nights Star Wars Rebels gave us the showdown that many had been hoping for but it came and went in mere moments.  When we break down the action though, quite a bit occurred and all of it based on Star Wars history.  To look further into the Obi-Wan/Maul battle we need to look back first.  

In The Phantom Menace we see Maul take on both Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon Jinn for the finale.  Well, part of it, the other, never mind those.  Anyway, when Maul finally gets Qui-Gon alone to battle, he uses the lightsaber hilt itself to throw off Qui-Gon and deliver the deathblow.  

So falls Qui-Gon Jinn; Obi-Wan is up next and he is ready to go.  You can even say he is being led by anger.  As Maul paces back and forth like a tiger, Obi-Wan is nearly jumping out of his boots to get at his teacher's assassin.  He even snarls.  

Meanwhile, here is Maul.  Calm as all hell.  

Even in the following wide shot, we see Maul is getting ready but Obi-Wan is chomping at the bit to get at it then RUNS into the battle.  Not exactly the Jedi type way of handling a situation. 

There was a comic that dealt with this too.  Yoda and Obi-Wan discuss how anger controlled Ben here and it lead to him nearly being killed too.  Now, lets looks at the battle in Twin Suns.  Our fighters face each other and while Maul is ready to go, Obi-Wan has not even drew his lightsaber yet.  In this scenario, he is calm as a Jedi should be.  

After Maul puts together the WHY of Obi-Wan being on Tatooine, Obi-Wan draws, and the showdown is set to begin.  With that, Obi-Wan takes his normal battle pose that Ewan McGregor used in the prequel films and was continued in the animated series.  

The two continue to stare each down and Obi-Wan makes a choice to change stances.  What he is doing is tricking Maul.  Instead of going with his normal stance, he takes the battle stance used by Qui-Gon.  

Marking this change, Maul takes note and adjusts his footing.  

Then the two spring into action and Maul is almost instantly cut down by his nemesis.  Why?  Well, a few reasons go into this.  Number one, Jedi are supposed to be the samurai of their time.  Master swordsmen where the duels are decided quickly.  That was the original idea anyway.  It has expanded since but the creators here made the choice to go with the original interpretation and that makes perfect sense since so much of Star Wars Rebels is steeped in original concept drawings and ideas.  

The other reason is this, Maul seeing the battle stance of Qui-Gon being adapted by Obi-Wan made him feel confident in pulling the same trick twice.  Maul goes for the exact attack that killed Qui-Gon.  You can see it here.  He is trying to hit Obi-Wan with the hilt of the lightsaber to throw him off and deal the final stab.  Watch the gif.  Pay attention to where Maul is attempting to strike with the middle hilt of the saber.  Obi-Wan knows this attack and counters it perfectly. He lowers his head and strikes directly down the middle, not only damaging Maul's saber, but cutting him down the chest.  

Now compare that to Qui-Gon's death.  

In short, Obi-Wan suckered him in.  He used patience and thought out the situation to end Maul once and for all.  So yes, while the battle lasted only a few seconds, it encompassed  18 years of history between these two characters effectively.  I will take that any day of the week over two guys flipping end to end for 20 minutes where it looks cool, but lacks any emotional punch.  See Revenge of the Sith for a perfect example of that.