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Who is Benicio del Toro playing in STAR WARS : THE LAST JEDI?

Vanity Fair has always done a fantastic job of getting Star Wars fans all gushy with their photo spreads by legend, Annie Leibovitz. This time around is no different and while hearts appropriately broke over seeing Carrie Fisher in Leia costume for what will be her final performance in the saga following her passing, a lot of swirl surrounds who exactly is it that Benicio del Toro is portraying.   

As usual, he looks fantastic and seems dressed for either a Star Wars film or as a Gunslinger in Stephen King's Dark Tower series.  But who exactly is "DJ"?  He is described in the VF article as being a "newcomer to the saga" and "shifty".  So, another scoundrel.  Great.  We just lost THE scoundrel of scoundrels in Han Solo, at the hands of his own son (spoilers?) so maybe BDT is here to fill that gap.  

Of course that won't suffice for the fan base.  The now tradition of trying to work out every plot point months in advance of just sitting in a theater and enjoying the film as it unravels in front of you is not one I really enjoy, but let's play along for today.  

Bottom line.  What if Benicio Del Toro is none other than Ezra Bridger of Star Wars Rebels fame?  A stretch yes, but the character is the appropriate age and these two gents seems to share a similar mark upon their left cheek.  

Yes, they eyes don't match but I am not sure that Ezra's animated hue is really of much importance in the overall game.  This is proven by the recent use of Saw Gerrera in Rogue One.  Saw's eyes in the animated series were a distinct green as where Forest Whitakers' eyes are decidely not.  


At this year's Star Wars Celebration, during the Star Wars Rebels panel, Executive Producer, Dave Filoni announced that the upcoming season of rebels will be its last.  The story will have been told and it's better to leave on a stride then stumble to the finish.  To assume that the entire crew will be put on the shelf for good though, seems unlikely.  While Filoni did announce they were working on a new project, it may not include any of the Ghost crew at all.  Personally, my money is on a visitor to the Rebels franchise but one that stands all on her own...

Ahsoka Lives ! (no question mark anymore)

Ahsoka Lives ! (no question mark anymore)

What of the rest of the cast though?  We hear Hera's name said over a PA, this time as "General",  in Rogue One as well as the Ghost itself, and even it's droid, Chopper, on the ground.  What of Ezra, Kanan, Zeb, and Sabine though?  Obviously a fair portion of that will be answered in the upcoming Rebels season but is it possible that just as that series wraps up, we move onto seeing one of these characters decades later?  Additionally,  Season 4 is set to debut Fall of 2017 but will it be completed by the release date of December 15th when The Last Jedi hits theaters?  

That is really the biggest fly in the ointment of this theory, familiar scar or not.  I don't believe that Rebels would want any tension over the fate of Ezra, the shows main character for a majority of its run,  to be spoiled by the film.  If Rebels is not yet complete and we then learn that Ezra is...whatever the character of DJ is...we lose all drama towards the close of the show. Ezra lives and we know what path he chooses. Seems anti-climatic.  

So, rumors are as they are, more than likely DJ is just another swindler with an angle in the galaxy trying to survive.   It is fun to imagine a larger stake in place though with such a noted talent playing the role.