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Disney Magic Hour Episode #52 - Interview with Disney Artist Kevin-John Jobczynski



This week on Disney Magic Hour I found myself treated to meeting Disney Artist, Kevin-John Jobczynski.  We met at the Carolwood Pacific Room located in the Villas at Wilderness Lodge in Walt Disney World.  After admiring one of the original cars from the Carolwood Pacific Railroad that circled the backyard of Walt Disney's home in Los Angeles, we sat down and spoke at length on a number of different subjects from Disney, horror films, why Fall is the best season ever, and how being a dude who loves Disney has evolved from the stereotype it once was.  Ultimately, I met a new friend this week.  Kevin is the real deal and one of "us".  If you enjoy the conversation half as much as I did, you are in for a treat.  Visit Kevin's websites and and to stay up to date, follow him on Facebook at  

We speak about a few of Kevin's pieces during our talk so here are some examples if you are not already familiar with his immense talent.  

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This week's track was No Worries!

Full album by Pogo. Download: 00:00 01 Sky Heart 02:44 02 Forget 05:29 03 No Worries 08:58 04 The Trouble 12:05 05 Ode For Lovers 15:29 06 Pinocchionic 18:13 07 Where Is Ethan? 20:50 08 Rise & Glide 24:23 09 Yore 26:57 10 Her Perfume 28:05 11 Here Now 30:53 12 Truly 34:07 13 What Is I?