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Disney Magic Hour Episode #7 - Hollywood Studios : What Can Go, What We Want

A whole new park?

A whole new park?

Much of the news Disney related as of late has circled around the closings in Hollywood Studios.  With the closings will come the eventual announcements of what will be added to the theme park.  This week Pete, Mel, and Bry will open up a (digital) map of Hollywood Studios as it currently sits and discuss what can go, what we want to stay and what we hope to see come in.  

How about you?  Have something you hope to see announced for Hollywood Studios?  Let us know and we will be reading your ideas on next weeks show.  Email us at or tweet us @LastGenPodcast.  

Disney Magic Hour Episode #6 - Top 3 PIXAR Shorts, Selfie Sticks, DisneyQuest and Magic of Disney Animation Closing

This week we list our Top 3 PIXAR Short Films and reveal the results of the poll you took that asked the same question.  We also discuss the new ban on selfie sticks and the closing of DisneyQuest and the Magic Of Disney Animation.  

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