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Disney Magic Hour Episode #23 - Karen Hallion Interview

Very excited to have the incredibly talented artist Karen Hallion on this week's show.  You have probably seen Karen's art on multiple occasions across the internet, at comic conventions, and in the Disney parks.  She made a big splash mashing up the Disney and Doctor Who universe that you will see on t-shirts and her range increases everyday.  We were lucky enough to meet Karen at this years NY Comic Con and just knew that we had to have her on the show.  Graciously, she said yes to our request and now, here it is.  Check out all of Karen's art from the links below and follow her on Instagram.  Not only is it great to see her stream of art but listen to the show and you will find out why it is a must.  

Find Karen on TWITTER HERE,  ETSY HERE , INSTAGRAM HERE , and DEVIANT ART HERE.  For more info on the card game, WIZARD SCHOOL, that Karen is working on, visit the DFTBA (Don't Forget To Be Awesome) Tumblr site HERE!

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