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Disney Magic Hour Episode #180 - Return to OZ


One of the strangest, darkest films to ever escape the Disney Studio is without question, RETURN TO OZ. The film goes headlong into creating a world where danger lurks at every corner where audiences were previously greeted with song and dance when MGM produced the classic WIZARD OF OZ in 1939. The OZ books were something Walt Disney himself actually attempted to make but after first losing out on the films rights to MGM he gained the rights to eleven of the books written by Baum but was just never able to get a film cracked. The 80’s is a huge age of change for the Disney company though and some chances were taken. Oz is one of them and there are some big positives here with some sore parts as well. We will tell the tale of how things came to be and then review the film itself. In addition Melyssa will tell us her experience at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and the recent change in a top spot within the Disney company. Lots to do! Lets go! It’s showtime!

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