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Disney Magic Hour Episode #67 - Destination D Look Back with John Panda

Over the weekend we attended the D23 Destination D event held at the convention center in the Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World.  While there we bumped into John Panda aka Big Fat Panda and instantly found a new friend.  I have always wanted to speak with Panda and while we had met for smaller moments in the past, a true conversation never took place.  Luckily this weekend fixed that and he was gracious enough to agree to appear on the show and discuss all that we saw and heard over the last two days.  From Pandora to Star Wars to Shanghai and the Jungle Cruise, much was covered over the weekend and much more to be examined in this week;s episode.  I hope you enjoy this as much as we did.  I want to thank Panda for taking time out of his busy schedule and we will definitely connect again soon.  Right now though, lots to discuss! Let's go! It's showtime!

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