The Film Basement Episode #2 - Talking 4K with Pogo

There are a lot of questions surrounding the current state of 4K from the consumer perspective.  Is it worth my money?  What is it exactly?  What tech is the best?  What about gaming in 4K?  It goes on and on and on but ultimately the most important question is whether now is the right time to invest.  In an attempt to answer this question I asked one of the smartest folks I know to help me out.  His name is Nick Bertke, but you many know him better as Pogo.  Nick's music has been one of the flagship's of this podcast and Disney Magic Hour.  Every week we are led in and led out at the close by his sound.  Nick was able to take time out of his very busy schedule to sit with me, via Skype, and discuss our feelings on the 4K push as we are both early adapters in the format.  We cover A LOT in a relatively short amount of time from streaming capabilities, 4K bluray's, gaming, and how best to measure if it's worth your hard earned dollar to jump into the pool yet.  We have much ground to cover so let's go! It's showtime!   

Head over to YouTube and check out POGO's page HERE to view all his music videos.  You can also reach Pogo on Twitter @NickBertke

You can also listen to him over at and iTunes HERE.  In addition you can check his full site at

This week's track was Wizard of Meh!!