The Road To Infinity War Part 7: Iron Man 3 (2013)


It’s now a post Avengers world and we once again join Tony Stark in Iron Man 3. From the start, I wouldn’t want to be the film to follow the Avengers but slotting in a third Iron Man was probably the safest choice. I’ve always enjoyed Director Shane Black’s writing, it usually has a certain voice that is very unique. I was very curious to see how it would translate to a superhero film.

I get the distinct impression that their were a lot of cooks in this kitchen. While the style and dialogue is very Shane Black, the overall narrative comes across somewhat jumbled. Their are quite a few plot holes (most are brilliantly covered by the crew over on the How it Should Have Ended YouTube channel.) and of course the overall villain met with some controversy. For as long as Iron Man has had a film franchise, fans have been clamoring for the Mandarin. Marvel got slammed twice here, one for the apparent white washing of the villain, the second when it was discovered the Mandarin himself was merely a front.

War Machine gets rebranded as Iron Patriot (really, did this need to be a thing?) while Tony shows off the prototype Mark 42 armor. The various suits he has been working on all appearing in the final battle scene was pretty cool even if they more or less served as canon fodder. Pepper Potts even gets in on the fun with an Extremis upgrade, albeit temporary.

One of my story telling pet peeves in super hero movies is depowering the hero for a majority of the movie. Too many comic book movies rely on this trope and it comes across lazy story wise. In each of the Iron Man movies, this has happened in some way. I get that it serviced the character arc here, who is Tony Stark without the suit? I truly understand that, but when you consider he really didn’t gain full access to his armor during 95% of the film, that’s a problem.

Hey, it’s Christmas! A trademark Shane Black staple is actually a welcomed addition to the Marvel Universe. Iron Man 3 has a feel all to its own for better or for worse. It has a lot of responsibility on its shoulders but does crumble under its own weight in my opinion. It has its fun moments but ultimately is a pretty forgettable entry to the MCU.

HOW IT CONNECTS TO INFINITY WAR: It really doesn’t, it’s very much a stand-alone entry that doesn’t advance the Infinity Stone arc.