The Road To Infinity War Part 8: Thor: The Dark World


I’m really conflicted about how to approach our eighth movie in the Road to Infinity War countdown, Thor: The Dark World. I don’t really believe it’s a bad movie, truly. It has some fun moments, we get some good follow up after the events of the Avengers, but as a whole, the movie is just....there.

I’ve seen the Dark World numerous times and it’s eluded me what exactly makes it the great underachiever of the MCU. One is obvious, the villain Malekith. With no disrespect to  Christopher Eccleston, Malikith is just not overly interesting as a character. Most of the supporting cast from the first Thor have returned and sadly, Lady Sif and the Warriors Three are less present here then in the first film. Other things like the choice to have a darker picture sharply contrast the first film and I’m not sure that was the right call here.

Loki continues to be one of the best the MCU has to offer. He is a villain, but has layers and depth that really come through during the Dark World. I appreciate more than anything that he never comes across as a mustache twirling bad guy. It really seems that no matter who is behind the camera, Hiddleston just brings it. I have to admit, one of my favorite moments is the last shot, Loki sitting on the throne. I spent the next few years wondering what he was going to be doing in that position and loved the not knowing of what could be something really terrible for Asgard. Skipping ahead to Ragnarok, I have to say I was a bit disappointed (more on that when we get to Thor Ragnarok.)

Aesthetically I really enjoyed the “look” of Thor The Dark World. The costuming, the various set pieces, all looked right at home. As I mentioned earlier, the darker pallet of the film really detracted overall which is a shame.  The cgi I didn’t feel was overly obtrusive and watching the film in 3D is a very fun experience, but not necessary. One could argue that Marvel was trying something different with Thor: The Dark World and, like Iron Man 3, didn’t quite work. I still watch it on occasion (as I do every Marvel movie) but it firmly sits near the bottom of my preferred MCU list.

HOW IT CONNECTS TO INFINITY WAR: In a blink and you miss it monologue from Odin, he explains briefly that the Aether is one of six powers that existed before the creation of the universe, the Infinity stones. Pretty much the entire movie is about the Aether (Reality Stone) and the post credit scene sees it being entrusted to the Collector.